If You Know You Know

This week is short and sweet. If you’ve been here a while you’ll understand.

I am thankful:

~ for cheese balls.

At our house, cheese balls can only mean one thing…

Until next week…

Thanks for giving thanks with me.

““ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”” (Mark 9:23)

2 thoughts on “If You Know You Know

  1. Of course!! I know EXACTLY what cheese balls mean!!! Have a wonderful time of refreshment! On a serious note, my young friend has ALL, Type B, When I sent a personal message asking for this info, I told them about Sawyer’s age and serious condition at the beginning and where and how he is doing now. Amalie is supposed to be allowed to go home, and have outpatient chemo in a week or so, but (of course) another spinal tap. I hope there is some sort of parent support here, through McLane Children’s, Love, love, love you!


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