Summer Lovin

We love the beach. This week we loaded up and made the trip to our happy place. So thankful for this family and for the opportunity to make special memories. I know each day is a gift; these babies aren’t babies anymore.

Texas Burger
Straight to the beach
Transforming Tatum K into a mermaid
Feeding the seagulls is always a favorite
We always celebrate Adoption Day while on vacation. So thankful for these three miracles.
Night fishing

It was a great week. I don’t expect relaxation from our super-sized family excursions. It’s never perfect. It’s messy and flawed and loud and bumpy and absolutely exhausting. But I wouldn’t trade this Tribe for anything. And I will be grateful for EVERY OPPORTUNITY to enjoy being all together as many times as I can.

Saturday marked the 8 year anniversary of the terrible day we were told our baby, 7 month old Sawyer, had cancer. It’s always a hard day for me. You can read my thoughts on “Cancerversary” here.

It’s wonderful to get away for a change of scenery, but it’s good to be home. Thanks for giving thanks with me.

“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” (Psalms‬ ‭116:7‬)

One thought on “Summer Lovin

  1. To see your whole family together at the beach, playing together, praying together, eating, sleeping and waking up together – what a treasure! To remember 3 precious fragile children who are growing up strong and whole. To remember getting your text that you were in the ambulance on the way to Dallas. To remember being driven to Dallas by Steve and Helen Clark and sitting with you in the ICU waiting area, while the war for Sawyer’s life was being waged….so many BUT GOD moments. You and Josh and your wonderful children have a fleet of guardian angels protecting you and the amazing Holy Spirit to strengthen, comfort, encourage, and guide you. And fill you with a joy and peace which could only come from God. And from the crucible of your pain has come the Gold Network and so much more. Thank you for you lovely photos. Love and prayers always.


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