April Tuesday

I am thankful:

~for the most fun “April Tuesday” ever! Sawyer has talked about his plans for “jokes” for weeks now. And on last Sunday, on March 31, he was so excited he couldn’t even sleep.  He kept getting out of bed telling me another funny idea he had.  I got so tickled.  So even though we’ve never done anything for April Fools’ Day before, I knew I had to step up my game.  I did a little prep work that night…actually staying up until 1 in the morning, hiding a pickle slice in each of their pb&j sandwiches. The kids were greeted at breakfast with their bowls of cereal…only to dig in and discovered that it was FROZEN in the milk. Their puzzled faces were priceless!  Sawyer’s dream came true of delivering a special “cake” for his teacher, and had him giggling all the way to school.  I do fear that his class did not appreciate the humor. They were pretty stoked about eating cake, and mighty disappointed to find out it was actually a frosted cardboard cereal box. Thankfully, Mrs. Youngblood saved the day by allowing them to drag their fingers through the icing, so Sawyer didn’t lose all his friends that day.


~ for a great baseball/softball/track week.   Enjoyed the sunshine with Bear and the kids, eating popcorn, making daisy chains, and cheering on the Cougars. 


~for lunch with a friend. There is something so special about sitting down and breaking bread together.  Even when sometimes the conversation is heavy, or the topic isn’t fun, the sharing of hearts side by side is priceless.  What a blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ to love us through all seasons, and to pray for one another as we seek God’s best for our families. 

~ for teachers who really love my kids. And are willing to come along side so that they can reach their potential.

~for the bright, cheerful azaleas displaying their finery across our city.

~ for a call I have been waiting for almost as long as I can remember.  A call to tell me that my sweet friends are going to have a baby!  Born not of her tummy, but born in her heart, this precious couple has been chosen by a birth mom to be the parents of a baby boy due in June.  They traveled many hours to meet birth mom this weekend, and they are asking for prayers for God’s grace over every step of this journey: for a healthy remainder of the pregnancy, and most of all prayer for this birth mom who is giving the most unselfish gift of love to this baby.  Father God has seen my friends, has seen this birth mom, and has collected every silent tear they have cried in the dark.  And His timing is always right on time.  Oh the joy that can’t be contained!!!!  GLORY TO THE LORD!

~for the blessing of attending chapel, the very last time Carson Grace will lead worship with her peers in high school. All these “lasts“ are so bittersweet. I’m so proud of her, and so excited for all that lies ahead, but it’s so hard to let go.  Later in the week, she had the amazing honor of presenting the National Anthem at the 28th Annual Tyler Firefighters Awards Banquet.  It was a wonderful program, with moments of storytelling and laughter between comrades while handing out awards and door prizes, and weighted somber moments of as we were reminded of the life and death experiences they face almost every day.  So thankful for the dedication and bravery of these true American heroes. 


~ for new friendships.  This week Josh and I got to visit with Phil and Kathy Jimerson, fellow Carthagites, and former classmates of Susan K.  Kathy has recently published a book, a personal memoir written by an encourager and storyteller over the last 2 decades of her life.  And she gifted us a copy!  Over coffee we chatted about cancer and writing, about remodeling and about Jesus.  Our kindred hearts quickly knit.  You can find Kathy’s book here. I’m so excited to read it!

~ for Cooper having an awesome weekend on the Grace Student Miniseries Overdrive Retreat.  

~ for a cool photo shoot with Carson Grace at our local vintage record store. 


40 years ago on this day, God made a man for me. He put a loving, fighting heart into this young man and wrote a love story on his heart. God made this man for a purpose… He made him for me. He made him for a tribe of young warriors who would watch and learn from him. He made him for countless individuals who would be strengthened and encouraged by a relationship and friendship with him. He put in him a work ethic second to none. He made him a true man’s man, but gave him a heart tender enough not to hide his tears. I love this man with all the fierceness my heart can hold. I love Josh’s birthday because it was the day he was made for me.  We had a great day celebrating, starting with 40 Martha White blueberry muffins for breakfast, 40 Home Depot gift cards, then dinner with the family: delicious grilled burgers and 40 cupcakes with candles of course!  It was special to have all our kids together, and they all shared “40 Things We Love About Dad.”  Love that man of mine. 

IMG_8263IMG_8290 2

Such a busy week for us, tons of Giddyup & Whoa signs in the works, delivered a couple of pieces, a few more custom orders going out this week, and an exciting new opportunity: I’ve been invited to participate at the Vintage & Co Semi-Annual Gresham Barn Sale!  Anyone in East Texas knows that the Gresham Barn Sale is one of the very best antique and vintage markets in our area.  I’m so honored to be a part, and hoping that it is a great partnership for both businesses!   Excited to get lots of painting done this week.  Check out Vintage & Co. on Instagram and Facebook.  Spring sale is coming up April 24-27.


Busy sign week meant not a lot of progress on the beams….still not giving up.  Slow progress is still progress.


This week was an emotionally wrung-out week.  Just a lot going on, both out in public with the kids and then wrestling through the personal stuff that’s held in our hearts.  Trusting God is a full-time job.  We have to actively trust: daily re-aligning our hearts to seek after His. It’s so easy to get in my head and overthink and just give myself over to the anxiety that is always waiting for me.  Thank You Lord for Your steadfast love.  Even when I am freaking out, You wait for me…Your Word is truly a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path, and I know I’m never alone.  And I know Your Plan is good.  A lot better than mine.  

Big prayers needed for Baby Lucas.  He is scheduled for a sedated MRI tomorrow, and another chemo infusion.  We are praying for shrinkage/no new disease.  Please Jesus, heal this baby boy!  And please pray comfort and peace over his family as well.  And our dear friend, Jase, now 5 years old and in his 2nd year of treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, has been plagued with unexplained fevers and GI complaints for weeks, bouncing in and out of local and Dallas ERs….will you join us in healing prayers for the Curtis family?

Whatever you are facing this week friends, don’t lose heart.  Be brave.  Step up.  Step out.  The sidelines will always be full of onlookers…maybe today it’s your turn to lead.

Thank you for giving thanks with me. 

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.”  Isaiah 26:3-4 NIV

4 thoughts on “April Tuesday

  1. Oh, dear! I am SO EXCITED about you being invited to be part of the Vintage & Co Sale but selfishly, was looking for time with you while in Tyler for the weekend. Not the best, but may be able to work something out. Love the picture of the family with Josh and the 40 cupcakes!! He is very, very special, that’s for sure! Prayers for Lucas and Jase and their families. And prayers for your busy self. Love always!

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