Where Did it Go?

I am thankful:

~ for a few, very few, lazy days left of summer.

~ for a fresh and yummy mini date with my Love at Salsaritas.

~ for the joy of finding Fur-ever homes for our puppies! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared my posts or spread the word! Only 3 little boys left!

~ for Whataburger malts to celebrate August Tonight, a very special day to remember and honor a very special man.

As for many others, our “summer” will officially come to a close this week as the kids go back to school. The mountains of supplies have been assembled, sorted, and labeled. Shiny new shoes sit waiting in their boxes – HUGE boxes of HUGE SHOES!!! WHO ARE THESE GIANT-FOOTED CREATURES AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY CHILDREN!? Backpacks and lunch boxes are at the ready. I can’t believe we’re here already.

It seems like yesterday that we were packing up the moving trucks.

And telling the kids about our dream of a farm…

Where did it go?

It’s been a very different summer. But in a good way. It’s been a sifting summer, a refining summer. A season of dreaming and reflecting and shifting and regrouping. Some parts I would choose, and some parts make me want to get back in my bed.

As if that was an option.

Time marches on. My babies aren’t babies anymore.

Now this little nugget is finally going off to school. (Pretty much against my will.)

She couldn’t be more excited. She asks me every 20 minutes how many days until school starts. She pats my hand and says, “You’ll be ok, Mama. You have Bear and Birdie.”

I haven’t been alone in 23 years. This year my BABY baby is starting school, and my 3rd oldest baby will graduate from high school.

I am not ok. I have planned my schedule meticulously.

• drop kids off at school

• return home

• cry

• eat donuts in bed

• repeat

It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine.

Thanks for giving thanks with me.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:16-18‬)

3 thoughts on “Where Did it Go?

  1. Oh, my precious friend! I KNOW you are not fine. 😭💔🙏🤝 I also know that your Heavenly Father has a plan for these weird hard quiet days. The amazing Holy Spirit will speak peace and comfort to your hurting heart and give you direction and inspiration, as you sit quietly with Him. As my good friend says, “If you ask Jesus to pull up a chair or sit with you on the couch, He will do just that.” Just as He opened doors and guided you and Josh with the farm property, sale of your home, and your move, He will guide you in this in-between time. Put your running shoes out, because the Gold Run is coming soon! 👏🙏🤝💪❤ Love forever.


  2. As I grieved for months over my first kid leaving for college, God made sure I ran across this verse- Eccl 7:10 “ Do not say why were the old days better than these? It is not wise to say such things.”
    It is natural, but not wise! I hoped I could find a milder translation so I tried a bunch of them but they all concluded it is not smart to think that way! Needed a lot of grace to even attempt to embrace that truth! And now I am having to apply it to grandkids leaving for college!


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